ImagePro Plus Drivers for Aexeon Products

June 13, 2011

Media Cybernetics®  today released the new Aexeon Video Capture Kit for Image-Pro Plus 7.  The Aexeon Video Capture Kit supports analog cameras and is the ideal solution for anyone involved in electronic imaging who wants to simplify the purchase and integration of imaging software and hardware components.  It comes complete with an Aexeon board, video interface cable, and install disk with Aexeon and ImagePro drivers.  To find out more about the Aexeon Video Capture Kit, go to

Founded in 1981, Media Cybernetics develops image informatics solutions to automate research, development, and quality control processes in life science and industry. The company’s products simplify and enhance image-based data collection and analysis to increase the accuracy and productivity of its customers. Image-Pro Plus is the image analysis software used daily by thousands of researchers and engineers in medicine, science, and industry.  For more information about Media Cybernetics, visit

dPict Imaging Has Moved!

November 21, 2010

It’s been a while since I have been able to add a post, but it’s for a good reason.  dPict Imaging has moved to a new office, and we have been busy getting things situated in our new space.  So expect the posts to pick up now that things have calmed down some.

Add an Image

Our new corporate address is …

7400 N. Shadeland Ave.
Suite 255
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Our phone numbers have also changed.

Phone     +1 (317) 436-8411
Fax          +1 (317) 436-8414

We look forward to serving you in our new location.

ARGO Signed as Japan Distributor

October 26, 2010

ARGO Corporation has signed a distribution agreement to sell dPict Imaging frame grabber products in Japan.  ARGO has been in business since 1987 and is a reseller of interface cards, cameras, lenses, lighting, lasers, and software.  “We are extremely excited to have ARGO as part of our sales channel.”, says Brian Pinto, Director of Sales here at dPict.  “Their excellent support and technical knowledge are a great asset in getting OEM customers up and running.”

More information on ARGO can be found at their website at


In a Flash, They’re Gone

May 14, 2010

Back in March, Pelco announced the end-of-life of many of their frame grabber products from the Integral Technologies FlashPoint and FlashBus lines.  These popular products have been a mainstay in the frame grabber industry for over 15 years, and their absence will definitely leave a hole in the market.

Since that announcement, we have had calls from several concerned manufacturers asking for a product that will replace their existing Integral Technologies frame grabber.   Below is a listing of which dPict Imaging product is best suited to replace Integral Technologies products.

Integral Product                       dPict Product

FlashPoint 3D/4XL                      Aexeon PCI/PCIe

FlashBus Spectrim                      Aexeon PCI/PCIe

FlashBus Spectrim Dual              Aexeon Quattro PCI/PCIe

FlashBus Spectrim Quad            Aexeon Quattro PCI/PCIe

FlashBus MX                              Nexeon HD PCIe

FlashBus DX-CL                         Nexeon CL PCIe

FlashBus DX-CL2                       Nexeon CL Duo PCIe

XPress                                       Aexeon Quattro PCI/PCIe

XPress HX                                  Aexeon Quattro PCI/PCIe

Since dPict Imaging has roots formed at Integral, we have a good understanding into what will replace these products while providing as little development pain as possible.  In some cases we have even been able to provide translation code so that very little new development is needed.  So if you need support for legacy code in technologies such as Visual Basic, Video for Windows, TWAIN, or MCI, we can help get you up and running.

dPict Imaging is committed to manufacturing frame grabber products that keep up with new technologies and operating systems.  We were an early supporter of the PCI Express interface and continue to be a Texas Instruments technology partner.  We support the latest Windows 7 operating system and system chipsets and continue to invest research and development into the latest imaging and system technologies.  We are dedicated to providing the highest level of technical support for both new and existing customers.  Call us and find out we can help you transition from your current product.  You’ll be glad you made the switch.

nVision for Embedded Applications

March 14, 2010

Looking for a frame grabber product for embedded applications?  nVision is an ethernet-based video acquisition board equipped with a powerful Texas Instruments DM642 720 MHz video processor.   Its small footprint and extensive I/O control make it perfect for mobile or remote applications.Add an Image

Initial development is made easy by using the nVision Developer’s Kit, containing the nVision API, the nVision Carrier Board, and power supply.  The nVision Carrier Board supports the YFS connector on the nVision and  allows connection of the peripheral I/O using standard video, network, serial, JTAG, and power connections.

Since its release in 2007, nVision has been deployed into many custom remote applications by integrators who need conAdd an Imagetrol of software development not normally available in general purpose image acquisition products.  By using the nVision API,  software developers can utilize TI’s Code Composer Studio for development of custom algorithms within the DM642 processor without the need to write many of the drivers for the peripheral components.

Because of this, nVision has been the image acquisition product of choice for intelligent video capture in many applications such as object tracking, object counting, video recording, and license plate recognition.  nVision’s customization also makes it perfect for integration into military installations such as unmanned military vehicles (UAV, UGV) , air and tank vision systems, and artillery control systems, just to name a few.

Whatever your embedded video acquisition requirements are, nVision has the power and flexibility needed to help you solve your application needs.

New Nexeon HD Xtra

December 3, 2009

Nexeon HD Xtra

dPict Imaging is pleased to announce the newest member of the Nexeon HD family.  The Nexeon HD Xtra adds support for the serial digital interface (SDI), a broadcast quality video standard that allows transmission of uncompressed digital video up to 300 feet on a standard coax cable.  Nexeon HD Xtra also supports viewing and capture from HDMI digital sources, VGA display sources, or analog video sources in either RGB or YPbPr formats.  So whatever your high-definition capture requirements are, Nexeon HD Xtra is one of the most versatile frame grabbers on the market.

Nexeon HD Xtra Features

  • Real-time viewing and capture of HDTV inputs up to 1080i
  • Supports digital HD SDI or HDMI inputs
  • Supports analog HDTV component YPrPb inputs
  • Automatic digital camera synchronization
  • SDI passthrough output
  • General-purpose I/O triggers
  • Free dPiction Windows-based display and capture application
  • For more information on the Nexeon HD Xtra, visit our web site at

    dPiction – Not Just Free Software

    October 12, 2009

    When we first started to develop hardware, we needed a simple way for potential customers to check out the frame grabber without having to write and compile code. It was then that the application we now call dPiction was developed. Since then dPiction has gone through several enhancements, and there are now versions for all dPict Imaging frame grabber products.


    dPiction is especially useful for configuring Nexeon high-resolution frame grabbers.  For the Nexeon HD, dPiction comes with all of the supported HDTV and VGA resolutions pre-configured and accessible in the configuration menu.  When used with the Nexeon CL, dPiction allows for auto-configuration of the camera without having to consult the manuals and entering the exact camera resolution and timing.  Simply connect the camera and dPiction automatically reads from the Nexeon’s auto-acquisition circuitry the correct timing and displays the synced image.

    dPiction also has a handy serial terminal interface that allows for serial communications to Camera Link cameras, a region of interest capture feature, allows for video adjustments of gain, offset, hue, and saturation, and supports multiple board installation.  More information on dPiction can be found at